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maintenance of standards of quality of manufactured goods

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Congratulating winner Awardees, he shows confidence in business community that they will be more conscious about the Quality Standards for the betterment of our economy.
Pir Bakhsh Jamali, Director General, PSQCA, said this in his message read out at the recently held 4th Quality Standard Award 2013 and the Seminar on Theme of 44th World Standards Day "International Standards Ensure Positive Change".
KARACHI -- Vice President of Emirates Pakistan Khalid Saeed Al Bardan receives the Best Airline of the Year Award, flanked by Emirates Staff in Pakistan, In addition to this World's Best Airline title, Emirates collected the Quality Standard Awards for Best Finance Department in Pakistan receive by Mr.
KARACHI -- Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad Khan has said that Quality Standard Award is important for business community and consumers, as manufacturers and businessmen need recognition for their good products and services.
NICE quality standards are not mandatory but they can be used for a wide range of purposes both locally and nationally.
A NEW quality standard for glaucoma will start to be formulated at a summit meeting next month.
EU Ambassador to Lebanon Patrick Laurent said the EU has funded two programs for improving quality standards in Lebanon since 2003.
The draft directive sets environmental quality standards (EQS) for 33 pollutants (pesticides, heavy metals and others) likely to be found in rivers, lakes and coastal waters.
Ozone levels measured in Lancaster violated the stiff state air quality standard 22 days, the fewest bad air days since 1999 and the third best year since measurements began in 1976, records show.
While ISO 9001 Certification represents the pinnacle of quality standards, the lengthy review process and costs associated with maintaining this certification year after year may not be right for every owner.
Sinn [1997] exemplified this thesis with three classical fields of governmental activities: first, the provision of public goods; second, the enforcement of quality standards in case of lemon problems; and third, governmental redistribution to the poor.
OMB said stricter quality standards are necessary for so-called influential information such as scientific, financial and/or statistical information the agency reasonably determines will have or does have a clear and substantial impact on important public policies or private sector decisions.
These pollutants are measured in air quality control regions to determine whether the area meets federal air quality standards.
Both organic and inorganic pigments are offered and are produced to strict quality standards, according to the literature.
The strategic long-range planning team then sets five-year strategic goals with multi-year performance measures and annual targets for Quality Standards (see http://www.
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