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the theological doctrine of the Society of Friends characterized by opposition to war and rejection of ritual and a formal creed and an ordained ministry

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Tanzanian Friends' eagerness for making better medical care, educational institutions, and income methods available to their people as expressions of the Quakerism of Early Friends can seem unfamiliar to Friends from parts of the world where health care, schools, and sufficient income are taken for granted.
Goldman here is pointing out something very important to which we must pay attention and that many of the scholars who discuss Woolf in relation to Quakerism have not emphasized enough: the Quakers provided that material intervention in their activism and ethics.
Living with simplicity is valued highly in some Christian traditions like Quakerism.
And what you get is an austere, forthright evocation, via 20 a cappella songs borrowed from a 1976 record album of Shaker music and testimony, of that early American religious sect, related to Quakerism but now nearly extinct, that celebrated sobriety, self-discipline, celibacy and divine intercession into human affairs.
Gethin Evans, a Quaker who is researching various aspects of Quakerism in Wales, tells the programme: "When the First World War came, there was such a call on [Quakers] to be patriots that their peace testimony was challenged.
First I returned to the Quakerism that had supported me in younger years, then took up Buddhist meditation, and most recently found my way to a mystically oriented yoga community As I explored superficially diverse traditions, I looked for the deeper qualities that united them.
Turner's world was framed by his metaphysical embrace of nature, Quakerism, and Zen - in which all beings, all things, are interdependent, cannot exist without the other.
The first white settlers brought African-Americans as slaves, but Quakerism, the dominant religion for a century, helped influence a decree against slavery in 1773; the schools were desegregated in 1847.
As he grew up, he rejected Quakerism and then returned to it in a fashion, but through it all the notion of light as a spiritual metaphor stuck with him.
Regularly, when excommunicating someone because of Quakerism, the charges acted upon stated the person had denied Scripture and the ordinances of baptism and the Lord's Supper.
1 (2003): 199-202; Myles, "Border Crossings : The Queer Erotics of Quakerism in Seventeenth-Century New England," in Foster, Long before Stonewall, 114-43; Stephen Shapiro, "Sexuality: An Early American Mystery," William and Mary Quarterly 60, no.
One of the Service Committee's greatest gifts to American Quakerism and boarder American society was, in AFSC executive secretary Clarence Pickett's words, its "effort to help the entire community realize its full human assets and wholeness" (p.
Most of the interpreters hail from various Christian groups, but Judaism, Quakerism, and Unitarian Universalism are also represented.
Bill Wolfe, who serves as the Clerk of the Nashville Friends Meeting on 26th Avenue North, explained the history of Quakerism and the various denominations from Evangelical to Orthodox.