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Synonyms for quadruped

an animal especially a mammal having four limbs specialized for walking

having four feet

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The belief that where large quadrupeds exist, the vegetation must necessarily be luxuriant, is the more remarkable, because the converse is far from true.
Those tertiary epochs, which we are apt to consider as abounding to an astonishing degree with large animals, because we find the remains of many ages accumulated at certain spots, could hardly boast of more large quadrupeds than Southern Africa does at present.
of vegetation is concerned, that the great quadrupeds of the later tertiary epochs might, in most parts of Northern Europe and Asia, have lived on the spots where their remains are now found.
Foxlike quadrupeds, they live in burrows underneath the planet's surface and appear to have adapted a crystalline outer structure that matches the shapes found in Crait's geodelike centre.
Design principles for highly efficient quadrupeds and implementation on the MIT cheetah robot.
His books, A General History of Quadrupeds, published in 1790, and The History of British Birds brought natural history within the reach of many people.
Similarly, Police have booked two people on the charges of cattle theft and began efforts to arrest them and recover the stolen quadrupeds.
One can imagine the hustle and bustle of the merchants selling their goods, bargaining over prices and describing their long journeys to one another while their quadrupeds chewed on hay and stocked up on water.
com/science/2009/feb/07/dinosaurs-evolution-bipeds-quadrupeds) went back to becoming quadrupeds - their bigger guts, which evolved to break down cellulose, added more weight to the front half of the body.
The supply and installation of a flow pack machine, which is needed for packing snacks for the benefit of quadrupeds.
Of all the quadrupeds that have lived upon the Earth, probably no other species has ever marshalled such innumerable hosts as those of the American bison.
One of Thomas Bewicic's engravings, "Jane Bewick Pulling Hair from a Horse's Tail" (A General History of Quadrupeds [1792]), shows at centre a large cart horse, its tail being pulled by a young child, while a woman (her mother or nursemaid) appears in the upper right background running over a stile by a cottage toward the impending disaster.
I am hollow and my ways are dead; We are covered by a starry blizzard-- Alone among quadrupeds, I Could not stand on two feet.
The Las Sereas 7 tracksite shows 67 tracks in six trackways, made by three bipeds and three quadrupeds, in a small outcrop (72 m2).
robots including humanoids, quadrupeds, hexapods, flying robots and pet robots from