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a series of four related works (plays or operas or novels)

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In this reshuffling of previous characters reappearing on stage organized in the quadrilogy, the Neapolitan novels try to dispel Fabrizia Ramondino's intellectual images of feminist sisterhood thanks to the unfolding of vehement passions; namely anger, envy, disgust, and disillusion much in the vein of Elsa Morante's narratives of obsessive loves and family relations constantly articulate the plot of Ferrante's stories.
There's also a smattering of cameos, including Longoria, Geena Davis as the studio chief behind the quadrilogy, and what appears to be an uncredited Cameron Diaz in the movie trailer inside the movie.
It follows on from his Saga of Darren Shan books and is the first part of the Larten Crepsley quadrilogy. [bar] SEND in your own book reviews to: Book Reviews, c/o Sarah Dale, Features Desk, Evening Gazette, Borough Road, Middlesbrough, TS1 3AZ.
THE FINAL DESTINATION (15) DVD pounds 19.99/Final Destination Quadrilogy DVD Box Set pounds 34.99.
Also available to buy for pounds 19.99 or as a 'quadrilogy' box set for pounds 34.99 (Blu-ray pounds 24.99 / Skull Blu-ray box set pounds 74.99).
It's the third part of the Red Riding Quadrilogy about West Yorkshire Police corruption.
The Die Hard Quadrilogy was pounds 39.99 and is now pounds 9.99.
The Saw Quadrilogy DVD box set is also available.***
For instance, in a previous film, Starship Troopers, an insect mastermind possesses the ability to understand and counteract human technology and interplanetary warfare strategy; and, similarly, in the Alien Quadrilogy, an alien mother is able to use human technological spaces to her advantage.
To celebrate the launch of The Chronicles Of Riddick, the South Wales Echo has linked with UCI Cardiff to give you and a friend the opportunity to see the film and win the Alien Quadrilogy on DVD, as well as offering five runners up the chance to win Chronicles Of Riddick merchandise.
FOR MUM AND DAD Alien Quadrilogy (DVD pounds 69.99) IN space no one can hear you scream.
The European listening to that account will only recognize the dull quadrilogy of chores, family, neighbors, and work--but where is the leisure or "quality time"?
On this relativistic word of caution I end my quadrilogy on the state of development economics.
Stephanie Myers created a monster with her quadrilogy book series turned five-part movie franchise.
The Pacquiao-Marquez quadrilogy ought to be a clash of rockets loaded with brimstones; a battle that would be waged from different unknown directions, but from one familiar solitary stronghold for the two "friendly" camps.