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a curve or surface whose equation (in Cartesian coordinates) is of the second degree

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OG(2,2n)] and that the even-dimensional quadric [Q.
Arutyunov, Positive quadratic forms on intersections of quadrics, Math.
Cluster Overview: Each node within the cluster contains QsNet ELAN3 by Quadrics, 4 GB of DDR SDRAM memory and 120 GB Disk Space.
Alpha Processor Inc (API) and Quadrics Supercomputers World have teamed up to develop high-performance supercomputers for the Linux operating system based on API's motherboards and Quadrics' third-generation ASIC.
Qantas Defence Services QinetiQ Group plc Qioptiq Quadrics Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.
On a 1960 Itanium-2 HP cluster in the Wiley Environmental Molecular Sciences Computing Facility with a Quadrics QsNetll interconnect and 53 terabytes of global disk, Felix measured 136GB/s read and 80GB/s write performance.
The nodes are connected by a high-speed Quadrics Interconnect fat-tree network.
The number three machine, which knocks out some other ASCI boxes built by the US government, is a Lintel cluster built by Linux Networx using Quadrics system interconnect.
The system installed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and built by Linux NetworX and Quadrics, is an important step in supercomputing history as it demonstrates the potentially large impact Linux clusters will have in the high performance computing community.
Fulcrum Microsystems today announced that Continuous Computing, Green Hills Software, Liquid Computing, Nimbus Data Systems, Open Grid Computing, Panasas, Quadrics, SMC Networks and XORP are founding members of the ControlPoint Developer Alliance, which was announced today.
Bull designs its HPC platforms in collaboration with leading partners in their specialist areas; most notably, Intel for processors, Quadrics and Voltaire (Infiniband) for network infrastructures, Data Direct Networks in storage, and CFS for the Lustre file management system.
Where typical Ethernet has an end-to-end latency of greater than 80 microseconds ([micro]s), specialty fabrics such as Myrinet and InfiniBand can achieve latency of less than 5 [micro]s, and Quadrics can achieve 3 [micro]s.
Topics include variational principles of billiard motion, symplectic geometry of rays of light and integral geometry, existence and non-existence of caustics, optical properties of conics and quadrics, completely integrable billiards, periodic billiard trajectories, polygonal billiards, chaos and dual billiards.
The TCS represents an unprecedented synthesis of "off-the-shelf" components integrated with an advanced interconnect -- from Quadrics Supercomputers World -- and other technologies to provide a very large-scale system for scientific computing.
NetEffect created its channel program after establishing a history of successful collaborations, demonstrating interoperable high-performance solutions with hardware and software partners, such as Abaqus, Critical Software, Evergrid, Force10 Networks, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Fulcrum Microsystems, HP, Foundry, IBM, Quadrics, VMware and VXTECH.