patent medicine

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medicine that is protected by a patent and available without a doctor's prescription

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Other than the fact that laetrile was considered a quack remedy, he does not say much about the reasons that it was so despised.
Yet Cardinal Cameron's prescription of rolling back the state and reducing public services is a quack remedy that would hurt people who will never be on his Christmas card list.
After a fortnight in which every quack remedy had been employed in trying to propel the reluctant little beggar into the world -castor oil, a bumpy bike ride, a corkscrew (okay, I made that one up) -all of a sudden we were praying for him to hang on a few more hours.
A survey in the NHS Confederation, which represents senior managers, showed 86pc lacked a belief in the plans "There is no all-Wales body as trailed in the Press, the Lib-Dems have swallowed your quack remedy, this nonsense can't go through unless they vote for it, " Mr Melding said.
I know people will say it is just a quack remedy," he says, "but there are thousands of people in Ireland who will swear it works.