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Libyan leader who seized power in a military coup d'etat in 1969

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He added that, despite what the the Al Qathafi forces did to the country's cities and villages, "our brothers who fought against the rebels as Al Qathafi's army did, we are ready to forgive them."
My parents called him a Shaytan and, hence, being young as we were, my siblings and I couldn't differentiate between the real Shaytan (Iblees -Satan)) and Al Qathafi. In fact, we thought they were the same person.
ICC investigator Ms Jane O'Toole who arrived in Libya Wednesday leading the team said they were in Libya to conduct an investigation into sexual crimes that were committed during Al Qathafi's rule.
The action resulted in the deaths of members of the Souq al-Juma militia who were ambushed and killed as they attempted to arrest the pro-Al Qathafi loyalists.
My brainstorming would prove to me I wouldn't be able to write without holding someone accountable for the atrocities happening in the country, from the broken education system to pollution, and that in short would be Al Qathafi.
During the time of the Al Qathafi regime, the Al Qathafi family ran Libya, and especially the state's oil and gas apparatus, like it was its own personal property.
Senoussi is believed to have been responsible for most of the crimes committed against the Libyan people during the 42 years of Al Qathafi's rule and during the uprising.
But on March 1 Libya's membership was suspended after the regime of Colonel Muammar Al Qathafi began its deadly crackdown against protests that were part of the wider Arab Spring that has engulfed North Africa and the Middle East this year.
Muammar Al Qathafi their client - and charge him a hefty consulting fee.
Before Libya's eight-month conflict, which ended on October 20 with the capture and killing of Al Qathafi, Waha Oil Co.
If as expected, the find will be confirmed by international inspectors, it would mean that Al Qathafi had fooled Britain and other countries by claiming that he had given up the country's weapons of mass destruction.
"Of these, one is a son of (Muammar) Al Qathafi - Saadi Al Qathafi."
Niger has literally slammed the door on efforts by the National Transitional Council of Libya to try Saadi Al Qathafi by granting the former Libyan leader Muammar Al Qathafi's son, asylum for what it says, are humanitarian reasons.
A Tunisian court has freed Al-Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi former Prime Minister in the deposed Muammar Al qathafi regime from detention despite an extradition request from Libyan authorities, his lawyer, Mabrouk Korchid said on Thursday.
Niger, which has already given refige to one of the former Libyan leader Muammar Al Qathafi's sons, has an obligation to co-operate in bringing to justice Libyan fugitives, therefore if Seif al-Islam and Abdullah al-Senussi, are both wanted by the International Criminal Court, enter the country, they must be handed to the ICC, a spokesperson for the court has said.