Qatar Peninsula

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a peninsula extending northward from the Arabian mainland into the Persian Gulf

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Qatar-based firm's net profit rose by 93 per cent to QR825.18m, earning per share also increased by 93 percent to QR2.39 for the year ending December 31, 2007, reported Qatar Peninsula.
Assuming the butterflies flew in a constant direction over the sea, the closest land was the Qatar peninsula, approximately 120 km away.
Several dry holes have been drilled on the crest of the Qatar peninsula which, on geological maps, appears as a large closed anticline.
(9) The territorial side of this long-running dispute--which was also the longest before the court--concerned a Qatari claim to an archipelago, known as the Hawar Islands, that lies just off the east coast of the Qatar peninsula, and a Bahraini claim to a region, known as Zubarah, on the east coast of the Qatar peninsula just opposite Bahrain.
The offshore field, which lies at a depth of 15 -70 metres to the north-east of the Qatar peninsula, boasts total reserves estimated at 500 trillion cubic feet.
Princess Dana toured different galleries of the museum that display various stages of the geological formation of the Qatar Peninsula and its natural surroundings, petroglyphs and monuments in the archaeological sites, and the lives of the people of Qatar on land and coasts, as well as the digital gallery.
He was speaking to the GDN on the sidelines of a major conference organised by Derasat yesterday entitled 'Al Khalifa Rule in the Qatar Peninsula: History and Sovereignty'.
-- A conference to review historical facts of Al Khalifa rule on Qatar peninsula tomorrow.
Planetary scientist Dr Essam Heggy's presentation on 'Understanding Space Exploration and the Natural Forces that Shaped the Qatar Peninsula' capped a week of events celebrating QNL's grand opening.
a journey through time, exploring the geological and biological evolution of the Qatar peninsula. The story told in this gallery begins more than 700mn years ago." "The gallery offers an interactive exploration of the complex geological processes that created the peninsula.
He was speaking during the opening of the forum, 'Al Khalifa Rule in the Qatar Peninsula: History and Sovereignty', at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay yesterday.
Qatar had a serious maritime dispute with its neighbor Bahrain, when it annexed the historical capital of Zubarah (northwest of the Qatar peninsula) in 1937, in what could be considered back then an act of aggression under international law.
Since the year 150 AD, 'Katara' was the first and most ancient name designated for Qatar Peninsula in geographic and historical maps.
Block 2, 10,900 sq km onshore relinquished by BP in 1985 and by Amoco in 1992, covers all of the Qatar peninsula with the exception of Dukhan.
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