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a town at the southern tip of Illinois at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers

the capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa

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In the northern Shiite-dominated district of Qahira, four people were killed and eight injured when a roadside bomb exploded near a market place.
At least four others were killed and 11 wounded in a vehicle bomb explosion in the Al Qahira district, officials said.
Later when the Abbasid Dynasty was supplanted by the Fatamid Dynasty, Al Qahira (Cairo) was officially founded in AD969.
Hashim Mahdi Al-Rubaie, director general in the Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction, was shot dead by gunmen while traveling in his car in Baghdad's northern neighborhood of Qahira, the source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.
9 a car bomb in northern Baghdad's Qahira district killed seven, while a suicide bomber drove an explosives-rigged vehicle into crowds in a commercial complex, killing at least nine.
Despite the stepped up security measures, a parked car bomb struck the northern district of Qahira this morning, killing at least four civilians and wounding six, police Lt.
1 Ali Mubarak, al-Khitat al-Tawfiqiya al-Jadida li Misr al Qahira wa Muduniha wa biladiha al-qadima wa al-jadida.
March 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Environmental Tectonics Corporation (AMEX: ETC) today announced the receipt of a major contract for Contracted Operation and Maintenance Services (COMS) on a series of advanced aeromedical devices at the Arab Republic of Egypt Air Force Aeromedical Center in Heliopolis, El Qahira (Cairo), Egypt.
Minutes later, police said another car bomb explosion near a falafel restaurant killed three people and wounded six in the capital's Qahira neighborhood.
The blasts, which also wounded 105 people, struck within an hour of each other in the Baghdad neighbourhoods of Binook, Qahira, Zafraniyah and Jihad, as well as in an area of southern Kirkuk city.
ARBIL / Aswat al-Iraq: Kurdish region president Masoud Barzani inspected today the KurdishPeshmergaforces in Qahira village, Ninewa province, according to presidential statement.
Later, the Fatimids built the walled city of El Qahira, from which Cairo takes its name.
Police and hospital officials who provided accounts of the day's bloodshed reported the most casualties from a car-bombing near the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in Baghdad's eastern Qahira neighbourhood at around 10am local time.
The police source said early in the day that 2 civilians were killed and 10 others injured in 2 explosions in central Baghdad's Allawi district, whilst a security source reported that a series of explosions took place in different parts of Baghdad on Thursday morning, most of them caused by explosive charges and booby-trapped cars in Allawi, Karrada, al-Amil, Qahira (Cairo) northeast of Baghdad and al-Amin district northeast of the Iraqi capital.
Parts of the police station in Baghdad s northern Qahira district collapsed and surrounding houses were severely damaged, the Interior Ministry source said.