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Credited for his efforts towards the success of the company and contribution to the GCCs economic growth, Mohammed Al Qadi, was honoured during the Top CEO Awards 2017 alongside senior regional business figures from a wide cross-section of regional industries.
With property developments across the region continuing to serve as shining beacons for the GCCs ongoing development and prosperity, it has been a truly rewarding journey playing a part in the transformation of Ras Al Khaimah and I am immensely proud of leading RAK Properties through this exciting chapter of the emirates growth, said Al Qadi.
Al Qadi continues to oversee major milestones for RAK Properties, which is pushing forward its flagship Mina Al Arab development in 2017.
This communication between qadis is referred to in legal texts as kit[a.
Practically speaking, the qadi is not equipped to investigate the case himself nor does he have the staff to do so.
Currently, the surrendered militants have been giving guns and jobs at a checkpoint in Qadis district where they are supported by police headquarters.
Sayed Ahmad, the Qadis representative in the provincial council, said the group joined the peace process as a result of their efforts and that another group may also put down their weapons.
US and European scholars of law, history, sociology, and anthropology who specialize in Muslim societies gathered in Leiden, the Netherlands, in October 2001 for The Application of Islamic Law in Courts conference, which focused on the role of the qadi, or judge.
Mohammad Asif a lecturer of the Kabul Polytechnic University offered a presentation which included initial studies, design, type and the economic importance of Qadis Khordak Water Storage Dam Project.
Kabul Polytechnic University has evaluated and confirmed the technical feasibility study and design of Qadis Khordak Dam.
In his foreword to this work, Aharon Layish, who supervised the original dissertation, summed up its main thesis as "the extent to which the legal reform is implemented or circumvented in day-to-day reality, and the role of the qadis in this process.
A typical chapter in any of the parts begins by setting out the legal background in the shari a, then it deals with the particular subject of the chapter at length, including any reform, and then it analyzes the attitude of the qadis toward the subject and the reform.
IV, "Judicial Divorce," describes cases in which a qadi actually pronounces the divorce rather than the husband.
presided over by Ahmad Muhammad Darwish, the qadi of the court, and in the presence of Abd al-Majid Wahbi, the head court clerk (katib awwal), acting as the registrar.
This first part of the document under review is an instructive example of the encounter which took place in the shari a court between custom, represented by a marriage contract concluded according to Bedouin tradition, and the shari a in its Hanafi version, represented by the qadi.