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(45.) This communication between qadis is referred to in legal texts as kit[]b al-q[]d[] il[] l-q[]d[].
The general impression created by classical Islamic legal doctrine is that trials before a judge (Oar, henceforward q[]d[]) are adversarial and that the qadi's role is passive: he does not investigate the facts of the case; he only supervises the observance of the rules of procedure and evaluates the evidence produced by the parties.
Currently, the surrendered militants have been giving guns and jobs at a checkpoint in Qadis district where they are supported by police headquarters.
Sayed Ahmad, the Qadis representative in the provincial council, said the group joined the peace process as a result of their efforts and that another group may also put down their weapons.
US and European scholars of law, history, sociology, and anthropology who specialize in Muslim societies gathered in Leiden, the Netherlands, in October 2001 for The Application of Islamic Law in Courts conference, which focused on the role of the qadi, or judge.
In his foreword to this work, Aharon Layish, who supervised the original dissertation, summed up its main thesis as "the extent to which the legal reform is implemented or circumvented in day-to-day reality, and the role of the qadis in this process." In his analysis the author attempted to place his findings within the context of the socioeconomic development of Egyptian society as portrayed by other authors, and he often referred to their works.
A typical chapter in any of the parts begins by setting out the legal background in the shari a, then it deals with the particular subject of the chapter at length, including any reform, and then it analyzes the attitude of the qadis toward the subject and the reform.
IV, "Judicial Divorce," describes cases in which a qadi actually pronounces the divorce rather than the husband.
Moreover, the authority of the shari i judge (qadi) derives from statutory legislation and state sanction, both denied to arbitrators.
In the public session held in the shari a court of al- Arish on Wednesday, 6th of Ramadan 1324 [H.], corresponding to 24th of October 1906, 11 a.m., presided over by Ahmad Muhammad Darwish, the qadi of the court, and in the presence of Abd al-Majid Wahbi, the head court clerk (katib awwal), acting as the registrar.