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Libyan leader who seized power in a military coup d'etat in 1969

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The victims of the IRA terrorism sponsored by Qadhafi deserve all support for their efforts to obtain redress from the Libyan government.
Qadhafi put Haftar - recently promoted to field marshal - in charge of the Libyan forces involved in the conflict in Chad in the 1980s.
Yet from late 2003, when Qadhafi's dictatorship declared it was getting rid of its weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), Libya was gradually re-integrating with the global economic environment.
Hannibal Qadhafi appeared in a video aired late Friday on Lebanon's Al-Jadeed TV saying anyone with information about Imam Musa as-Sadr should come forward.
The first free general elections since Col Qadhafi's 1969 coup d'etat were held on July 7, 2012, for a 200-member GNC.
In a way, Qadhafi then planted the seeds of the disintegration which followed his death in late 2011.
As Sissi has done in Egypt, Haftar has vowed to finish off the MB and its ruling Justice & Construction Party (JCP) which controls the 200-member GNC, the highest authority in Libya since Qadhafi's collapse and dissolution of the Transitional National Council (TNC).
He was, however, quick to point out that this also represented success of the Libyan people who fought bravely Qadhafi's forces and mercenaries.
16, after a successful tour of Egypt and Tunisia, and noted that when Qadhafi staged his military coup on Sept.
As Libya descended into chaos with Colonel Qadhafi attacking his own people, the Arab League called for action.
I am pleased to be here to underline their comments and to continue the valuable and important exchange between the Administration and the Congress that has been ongoing since shortly after Colonel Qadhafi's regime began to resort to violence against its own people.
In the case of Libya, our government, our allies, and our partners in the region, watched with alarm as the regime of Moammar Qadhafi responded to legitimate protests with brutal suppression and a military campaign against his own people.
"As long as Qadhafi remains in power - unless he changes his approach provides the Libyan people the opportunity to express themselves freely and there are significant reforms by the Libyan government, and he steps down - there's still going to be a potential threat to the Libyan people," Politico quoted Obama, as saying.
The Qadhafi Family and Prominent Officials: Selected Profiles
It says Qadhafi dislikes long flights and apparent fear of flying over water.