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Libyan leader who seized power in a military coup d'etat in 1969

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TMC CC beat Qaddafi Cricket Club by seven wickets at TMC Ground.
devastating political and psychological defeat for Qaddafi [that] ...
How Bruguiere, the highly-skilled, motivated chief terrorism prosecutor in France, zeroed in on Qaddafi is the stuff of fine detective novels.
They were never heard from again, and many believe they met with foul play at the hands of Qaddafi.
Abdullah Al-Fadul, Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Libya, said: 'We give credit to President Qaddafi for the agreement for peace in Mindanao.' Al-Fadul was an observer of the talks.
At times, the memoir reads like a spy novel: In the 1980s, Qaddafi's spies kept tabs not only on Jaballa but also on family members, following Matar's brother when he was at boarding school.
Chowk Qaddafi was being widened and furnished, he said and added that the project would be completed very soon.
Qaddafi had led the oil rich Libya as an autocrat for almost 42 years, crushing opposition forces with brute force and frequently funding international terrorism.
Knowing that world leaders would always appease him and tolerate him, Qaddafi would have huge tents erected in the gardens of five-star hotels and stay in those tents instead of the hotel rooms.
In the first two decades of the regime, Qaddafi publicly condemned the Sufi brotherhood in his speeches, and ordered a number of their meeting places to be destroyed, actions very much like what the Salafis are doing today.
After liberation from the rule of Qaddafi, Libyans dreamed their country of 6 million could become another Dubai - a state with a small population, flush with petro-dollars, that is a magnet for investment.
The Treasury Department said it was targeting Abd-al-Salam, 46, because he was acting for or on the behalf of Saadi Qaddafi, the former dictator's son.
During his decades in power, the Libyan leader and his generals amassed a store of weapons, stockpiling them across the desert nation in depots that, as Colonel Qaddafi lost his hold on power, changed hands.
Contributing editor Jeffrey Goldberg has a wicked, fun (and wicked fun) column about the copious reams of future brilliant volumes the world was denied when Muammar Qaddafi, that brilliant thinker, met The Great Sunglasses Wearing Dictator in the Sky.
Two loyalists of Libya's interim government handed Muammar Qaddafi's body over to bury secretly deep in the Sahara desert after a theologian prayed over his decomposing corpse.