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the capital and largest city of Afghanistan

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Similarly in Bannu Basin and in Salt Range small deposits Qabul Khel and Kalar Kahar respectively were also discovered.
For instance, for the offer and acceptance, the following are required in a contract: (1) clear and understandable wording, conforming with the words and terms normally used in the custom of the parties to indicate a particular type of contract; (2) confirmation of ijab to qabul, which means that the meeting of the minds of contracting parties is essential; (3) connection of qabul (acceptance) to ijab (offer), which means that the offer is not withdrawn before acceptance [40].
Since Muslim law views the law of Gift as a part of law of contract, there must be an offer (izab), an acceptance (qabul), and transfer (qabza).
Roads leading of Malakand, Qabul, and Mingora have been opened.
(338) Permanent marriage, nikah, is considered to be a contract of exchange with the offer, ijab, made by the woman or her guardian, and the acceptance, qabul, made by the man along with the payment of a dowry, or mahr (also known as bride price), to the bride.
(23) See Al Faruqi, supra note 9, at 7 (noting that consent (qabul) is an essential element of this contractual relationship).
NURALI QABUL studied history at the Ferghana Pedagogic Institute, worked in county and provincial government and as a journalist, moved to Tashkent in 1977, and served in several editorial capacities with the journal Soviet Uzbekistan San'ati.