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the capital and largest city of Afghanistan

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In 1983 Radon on Activated Charcoal was proved to be much better than radon probes, then in 1987 Resistivity and Electromagnetic techniques were used at Qabul Khel deposit[6].
For instance, for the offer and acceptance, the following are required in a contract: (1) clear and understandable wording, conforming with the words and terms normally used in the custom of the parties to indicate a particular type of contract; (2) confirmation of ijab to qabul, which means that the meeting of the minds of contracting parties is essential; (3) connection of qabul (acceptance) to ijab (offer), which means that the offer is not withdrawn before acceptance [40].
Security forces operation in Peochar valley is also in progress while intense fighting going on in Qabul.
338) Permanent marriage, nikah, is considered to be a contract of exchange with the offer, ijab, made by the woman or her guardian, and the acceptance, qabul, made by the man along with the payment of a dowry, or mahr (also known as bride price), to the bride.
NURALI QABUL studied history at the Ferghana Pedagogic Institute, worked in county and provincial government and as a journalist, moved to Tashkent in 1977, and served in several editorial capacities with the journal Soviet Uzbekistan San'ati.
Qamuq Monqol-i Qabul Qahan mede-n a-ba 'Qabul Qaan ruled over all the Mongols' (1324).