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Synonyms for Thule

a town in northwestern Greenland

the geographical region believed by ancient geographers to be the northernmost land in the inhabited world


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"Despite longer summers, fish is hard to come by here as it's mainly exported," said Kent Klienschmidt, a native Greenlandic doctor working in Qaanaaq.
"Qaanaaq is vividly brought to life in all its squalid glory, and Miller excels at depicting a metropolis bursting at the seams and populated by both refugees and the elite.
We thank the hunters in Qaanaaq for their skillful assistance with the tagging operations.
Even today, Qaanaaq's residents collectively own hundreds of dogs, chained to nearly every home, it seems, and constantly howling.
Prime Minister's Office (Qaanaaq Municipality and Greenland Home Rule Government Intervening in Support of the Appellants).
This led to the revelation that the remote North Pole outcrop of Qaanaaq, just a clutch of tiny wooden huts set against an enormous, unforgiving swath of frozen white, somehow had a massive, strip-lighted supermarket.
In 1998, I became fast friends with Ussarqak Qujaukitsoq, from Qaanaaq, Greenland.
Little but the exoticism of her formal Greenland folk dress has been reported here, but she got all the way to the far northern Polar Inuit village, Qaanaaq, where her husband had made many friends during a previous stay.
The municipal authorities in Qaanaaq, Greenland, banned alcohol sales ahead of the visit of the Danish Queen and Crown Prince and Princess.
In March of 1993, the stamp-issuing Danish dependency of Greenland (of Qaanaaq fame) released a set of three postage stamps depicting species of locally fished crabs.
The airport in Paamiut will be more expensive than the one in Qaanaaq, but the two should not be compared, according to Miki Hoegh of the Greenlandic airport authority GLV (Gronlands Lufthavnsvaesen).
Children above that age must attend the boarding school in Qaanaaq (Thule), the main community and administrative center of the district.
Byline: NADA FARHOUD Environment Editor in Qaanaaq, North West Greenland EXCLUSIVE Pictures by ADAM GERRARD