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the standard typewriter keyboard

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The phone features Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processor, a rear dual camera system with Sony's IMX363, a small-bezel notch-less AMOLED screen with curved edges, stereo speakers, dual SIMs, and bespoke landscape-optimized UI, email, and calendar apps that take full advantage of the landscape QWERTY keyboard.
The decision to develop a radical new keyboard design was made because it was felt that the time was right to challenge the dominance of the QWERTY keyboard standard, which previously originated as a late 19th century design for mechanical typewriters.
* 3.2" touch-screen display and full QWERTY keyboard
Motorola EX119: Best of both worlds with a full QWERTY keyboard and capacitive touchscreen in a super-slim package
Cons: Awkward QWERTY keyboard; slider feels loose; poor camera; mediocre media integration.
<p>US telecoms company Sprint (NYSE: S) said today that the Samsung Epic 4G became one of Sprinta[euro](tm)s best-selling devices for first-day sales when it was launched yesterday.</p><p>The Samsung Epic 4G works on Sprinta[euro](tm)s 3G and 4G networks and is the only Galaxy S smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard and front-facing camera along with a Super AMOLED touch-screen.</p><p>The handset is priced at USD249.99 plus taxes with a new line or eligible upgrade.</p><p>Sprint did not release details of its first-day sales figures for the new phone.</p>
When the original version of this e-book reader from MP3 player specialists iRiver arrived last year, it was fast to draw pages with a superb e-ink screen and a handy qwerty keyboard. But, glaringly, had no wireless connectivity.
BlackBerry Pearl 3G, pounds tbc, coming soon from Vodafone 2 BUSINESS LIKE Conceived as a BlackBerry killer, this new phone from the Finnish phone gurus has a full QWERTY keyboard and surfs the net at terrific speed.
Features: 2.6-inch LCD (QVGA), 5M camera, capacitive touch screen, QWERTY keyboard, GPS, FM radio
5 and reviews are beginning to trickle in.<p>The biggest difference in the new device is that it has no physical QWERTY keyboard, but still has the 3.2-inch touch screen.
Designed specifically for the next generation of BlackBerry smart phones with full QWERTY keyboards, Orator offers text-to-speech voice output; auto-start mode, which automatically runs Orator when the device is turned on; control of the speed and pitch of the voice; various verbosity levels to allow users to define the amount of information spoken; "keyboard echo" setting to speak each letter typed on the QWERTY keyboard; training mode; and support for multiple languages.
The BlackBerry Curve 8900 is a thin, light-weight smart phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. Features include a 2.4", 480 x 360-pixel, light-sensing display; 3.2-MP camera with auto focus, digital zoom, flash, image stabilization and video recording; built-in GPS and Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g); 512-MHz next-generation processor; quad-band EDGE support; music player; 3.5-mm stereo headset jack and headset; hot-swappable microSD/SDHC memory card slot with a 256-MB card inserted; and an expandable memory slot for up to 16 GB of storage.--Research In Motion
Designed for the needs of Internet-savvy consumers, the Nokia N97 combines a large 3.5" touch display with a full QWERTY keyboard, providing an 'always open' window to favorite social networking sites and Internet destinations.
The T-Mobile G1 has a touch-screen function, a QWERTY keyboard and a one-touch access to Google Search.
The Qwerty keyboard layout - named after the first six letters on the first row - has only been in existence since 1873.