phase modulation

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modulation of the phase of the carrier wave


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The QPSK EVM measurement is the starting point for the RF engineer.
Distance from Modulation TYPE TRANSMITTER [m] BER [%] 8PSK 52 1,3 QPSK 52 1,3 BPSK 52 0,5 8PSK 68 1,8 QPSK 68 1,3 BPSK 68 1,4 8PSK 128 41 QPSK 128 28 BPSK 128 2 8PSK 136 47 QPSK 136 48 BPSK 136 47 TABLE II.
Knowing the [P.sub.b]([[phi].sub.c,[gamma]) for BPSK and QPSK signal detection and the distribution of the phase error (given by (4)), the conditional error probability on [gamma] as a function of average bit SNR [[??].sub.b] can be calculated from
* Measurement #2 (Meas02) is a similar QPSK modulation analysis performed at RF using the waveform acquired by the signal analyzer.
Therefore, the modulation and demodulation method of QPSK have been widely used into deep space communication.
Ali, "FPGA implementation of low power digital QPSK modulator using verilog HDL," Journal of Applied Sciences, vol.
Perduodant duomenis, priklausomai nuo rysio salygu, galimos naudoti tik QPSK arba 16-QAM moduliacijos (Tems Investigation 2008).
Table 4 presents the total flops per subcarrier required by the receiver using QPSK modulation.
The most often used method is QPSK, which uses 4 alternative symbols (4 different phases of analog carrier signal).
It shows that the system can provide up to 10 Mbps in downlink throughput with 16 QAM or 64 QAM modulation while it can generate only 4 Mbps throughput for the QPSK modulation mapping.
Specific theoretical formulas are also presented to calculate Bit Error Rate (BER) degradation for a QPSK modulation scheme.
* Selectable differential and coherent BPSK, QPSK, and SPSK.