Python molurus

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very large python of southeast Asia

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Food and Feeding: Python molurus is carnivorous and it is evident from the teeth it possesses.
Behavior: Python molurus is familiar as a solitary animal.
Ecological Associations: Python molurus preys upon many types of rodents and vertebrates.
Python molurus reaches its sexual height or adulthood when it is of 2-3 years old age if it can attain the proper body weight and shape which is again dependent upon the availability of food and suitable environmental conditions.
Aspects of reproduction and growth of the Indian Python, Python molurus molurus, in captivity.
Thermoregulation in a brooding female Indian python, Python molurus bivittatus.
Reproduction of the Burmese Python (Python molurus bivittatus) in southern Florida.
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Observations on the reproduction of Python molurus bivittatus (Reptilia, Serpentes, Boidae).
Introduced Populations of Boa Constrictor (Boidae) and Python Molurus Bivitattus (Pythonidae) in Southern Florida.
The effects of temperature on the growth and development of embryos of the Indian python, Python molurus (Reptilia: Serpentes: Boidae).
A team comprising of two snake rescue experts, was promptly dispatched to the location and upon arrival identified the snake as an Indian Rock Python (Python molurus), a large nonvenomous python species found in the Indian, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.