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(Greek mythology) the priestess of Apollo at Delphi who transmitted the oracles


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WRECKED: The blaze at the derelict building on Pythian Street, near Islington
The threat of involuntary mimesis that Etna instantiates in Pythian 1 is domesticated as a topos of literary emulation in the poem's reception.
I was particularly struck by a succinct yet amazingly powerful line from his translation of Pythian 3 compared to Anthony Verity's more plodding 2008 translation:
Appended is a transcription of a four-page, handwritten 'Report of a Delegate of the Pythian to the Pennsylvania State Convention,' dated October 18, 1867.
For example, Megakles (an aristocratic name) recalls both the seventh century Mytilenean warlord and the Athenian victor of Pindar's seventh Pythian.
12) In the Pythian ode for Hieron of Syracuse Pindar tells the story of the birth and death of Asclepius 'that craftsman of new health for weary limbs and banisher of pain, the godlike healer of all mortal sickness', Pythian 3[str.
In Delphi's glory days, many visitors came to gaze upon the Delphi's wonders, but the largest crowds came for the quadrennial festival, the Pythian Games.
The first great philosopher of mathematical harmony had called himself Pythagoras, son of the Pythian Apollo.
27 June 2014 - Canadian data management consulting and services firm Pythian said it had acquired US data services and DevOps provider Blackbird.
Data-intensive applications such as seismic data analysis for oil and gas exploration have been addressing problems requiring analysis of very large data sets for some time," says Alex Gorbachev, CTO of Pythian (pythian.
At her birth, Charicleia, daughter of the King and Queen of Ethiopia, is secretly given by her mother to a gymnosophist priest, Sisimithres, who eventually gives the child to Charicles, a priest of the Pythian Apollo at Delphi.
12-acre location was purchased for $32,000 in March 1977 from Pythian Castle Hall Association, led by Jack Hammett.
In addition to the six Olympic victories Milon won nine times in Nemea, ten times the Isthmos, seven times in pythian games in Delphi, and an unknown number of times in other Greek games (V.