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Synonyms for Pythiaceae

fungi having sporangia usually borne successively and singly at the tips of branching sporangiophores

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Based on global and raw phylogenic data, Pythium species of clade E, are the most primitives among the Pythiaceae population, in Oubeira lake, with a weak distribution of around 12%.
Isolate Genus ITS Accession Substrate code number from GB LK67 Pythium KU588242 Birds feathers LK68 Pythium KU588226 Dead plant materials LK69 Pythium KU588244 Birds feathers LK70 Pythium KU588240 Birds feathers LK-18 Pythium KU588231 Birds feather LK-19 Pythium KU588261 Sediments LK-20 Pythium KU588257 Sediments LK-21 Pythium KU588220 Dead plant materials Table 2: Closest indexed Pythiaceae references from NCBI database; references are all recently published.
El equino es la especie donde mas se informan casos, principalmente la forma cutanea, aunque tambien ha sido reportada en caninos (Canis familiaris), bovinos (Sos taurus), felinos (Felis catus) y humanos, causada por el Pythium insidiosum, un hongo clasificado en el reino Stramenopila, clase Oomycetes y familia Pythiaceae [8, 16].
Pythium insidiosum e um oomiceto aquatico, classificado no Reino Stramenopila, Phylum Oomycota, Familia Pythiaceae, Genero Pythium e Especie insidiosum.