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(Greek mythology) the priestess of Apollo at Delphi who transmitted the oracles


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MSTP(81) = 21 is the master switch in PYTHIA 6.4 which switches on the Multi-Interactions (MI) for the new model at the time of showering and hadronization.
The study is named PYTHIA and will follow women with advanced breast cancer being treated with anti-hormonal therapy in combination with palbociclib, a cancer therapy belonging to a class of drugs called CDK-inhibitors - developed to stop proliferation of tumours.
Apollo spoke through the Oracle, generally virtuous older women known as the Pythia. According to Dr E.
In Babylon 5 (1994-1998), the Book of G'Quan tells the story of the last shadow war; in Battlestar Galactica (2003-2009), the Book of Pythia guides humans and Cylons to Earth.
In the ancient temple at Delphi, a prophetess called Pythia sat on a three-legged stool and inhaled vapours from a great cauldron filled with a fragrant broth of laurel leaves and narcotic herbs.
Music--Sophia can't tell what she's listening to, wonders if Pythia have a special mix--blasts into Davis's ears.
Fue alli probablemente donde comenzo a desarrollar sus propias opiniones contrarias a la teoria de las Ideas de Platon, tambien alli contrajo matrimonio con Pythia, hija adoptiva o sobrina de Hermias, con la que llevo una vida feliz hasta la muerte de esta.
Famed for the dedication of war booty, it housed the world's most famous oracle and thousands of pilgrims came to consult the Pythia about their future.
He asked the Pythia whether or not he should invade Persia, and she responded, "A great empire will fall." He presumed that she meant Persia and proceeded to invade, only to lose and be conquered in turn--the empire that would fall was his.
At some point Aristotle takes Pythia as a wife; a daughter is named for her mother.
Date for the age, and all other data, were fed into Pythia as such.
had asked the Delphic Pythia whether or not there existed a wiser man
According to PressVote's website, the target is a joint venture between Vasilis Koulolias, former CEO of Pythia Corp, and Scytl, established in Athens, Greece and Barcelona, Spain.
En los cuatro poemas recabados de Coleccion de tapices (2008) continua el pesar del libro anterior, una tristeza inexorable, en la que se destaca el notable soneto "Escolio a Pindaro, Pythia, III, 109-110", brutal y con un final intensamente ironico.