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fruit trees native to the Old World: pears

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On the bases of morphological and chemical characters, Pyrus has been grouped into, the East Asian Pea Pears, the larger fruited East Asian Pears, the North African Pears and the European and West Asian Pears (Challice and Westwood, 1973).
Pyrus & Ritvi also, volunteered helping hand there to sort the stuff according to age.
Pyrus offers incredible value for money and is ideal for city workers, who are just two miles away from Glasgow's centre.
The role of intraspccific hybridization in the evolution of invasiveness: a case study of the ornamental pear tree Pyrus calleryana.
The pear, apple and quince are close relatives; so close that apples were once considered to be a member of Pyrus. Botanists have since decided apples need a genus of their own, Malus.
For our experiments, it was used fourteenyear-old Japanese pear trees (Pyrus pyrifolia (Burm.
(9) Peduncles, leaves, and bark of Pyrus plants contains certain amounts of arbutin.
Conifers (Pinopsida) and Pyrus and Prunus (both of Rosaceae family) sustained significantly more damage than other genera.
Among rosaceous members, Japanese pear (Pyrus pyrifolia) is the first species in which pistil S-allele specific proteins were successfully identified as S-RNases [3].
9.11.2008, Raitri, Sahiwal, Sargodha; 1 immature, Zizyphus jujuba, 23.02.2009, Sahiwal, Sargodha; 1 immature, Zizyphus jujuba, 9.11.2008, Raitri, Sahiwal, Sargodha; 1 immature, Pyrus communis,
Pear (Pyrus spp.) is one of the major and oldest cultivated fruit trees in the temperate regions, which is likely to have originated during the Tertiary period (65 million years ago) in southwestern China.
But this time the Consortium leader, Pyrus, puts a hit on the one person Rayne would do anything for: her twin sister, Sunny.
Make use of weeping plant varieties such as the Kilmarnock willow and the weeping pear, Pyrus salicifolia Pendula with its waterfall of wispy branches and neat bun-shaped conifers that make a low-growing mound of vibrant foliage.