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a division of lower plants comprising unicellular and biflagellate algae that form starchy compounds

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Generally speaking, in mesotrophic lakes, Pyrrophyta, Cryptophyta, and Bacillariophyta are the dominant species, and in eutrophic lakes, Chlorophyta and Cyanophyta are the dominant species [21].
(a) Chlorophyta 42.3% Bacillariophyta 19.2% Pyrrophyta 2.6% Xanthophyta 2.6% Euglenophyta 9.0% Cryptophyta 6.4% Cyanophyta 14.1% Chrysophyta 3.8% (b) Chlorophyta 52.3% Bacillariophyta 5.5% Pyrrophyta 2.8% Xanthophyta 1.8% Euglenophyta 13.8% Cryptophyta 3.7% Cyanophyta 19.3% Chrysophyta 0.9%
Fish had a negative effect on the relative proportion of Cryptophyta biomass (P = 0.002) and a slight positive effect on Pyrrophyta (P = 0.065).
Pyrrophyta, composed mainly of Peridinium umbonatum Stein (=P.
Among the other groups analyzed, Bacillariophyta and Pyrrophyta were negatively correlated with Diff2-10m, and Cryptophyta showed only a weak correlation with temperature at 2 m (Table 2).
Cyanobacteria were the most abundant organisms, followed by Chlorophyta, Bacillariophya and Pyrrophyta. There was a significant difference in mean percentage values of Pyrrophyta between the control and the probiotic treatments (P < 0.05) between the 10th and 16th weeks.
Results showed that the total phytoplankton biomass at the scallop farm was 10-folded that of intertidal zone: in the scallop farming area, diatoms were predominant (99.6%) with rare species of Pyrrophyta (0.4%), whereas at the intertidal area, the proportion of diatoms fell to 70.1%, and species of Pyrrophyta and Chrysophyta occupied 25.4% and 4.5% of total biomass, respectively.
Small-subunit ribosomal DNA sequence analyses and a reconstruction of the inferred phylogeny among symbiotic dinoflagellates (Pyrrophyta).
Morphology of ciguatera-causing Prorocentrum lima (Pyrrophyta) from widely differing sites.
Dinoflagelados (Pyrrophyta) del Archipielago Los Roques (Venezuela): Familias Prorocentraceae y Ostreopsidaceae.
Diversity in symbiotic dinoflagellates (Pyrrophyta) from seven scleractinian coral species: Restriction enzyme analysis of small subunit ribosomal RNA genes.
En relacion con los grupos dominantes, en la epoca de lluvias Lo son las algas de las divisiones Cryptophyta y Bacillariophyta, en la epoca de secas codominan los grupos Pyrrophyta, Cianobacteria y Badllariophyta, mientras que durante la epoca de nortes el grupo dominante corresponde a Bacillariophyta (Fig.