Pyrrhic victory

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a victory that is won by incurring terrible losses

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The victory won with conflicts and incidents is a Pyrrhic victory.
The protracted siege of Marawi City has officially ended but it was a pyrrhic victory for the government, and the victory could be short-lived.
Even Greece's "victory" with its veto at the NATO Summit in 2008 was a Pyrrhic victory because it created a context of a neighbor that has lost its moral compass, shook up its democracy and became a generator of problems and crises," he said.
To Win and Lose a Medieval Battle: Najera (April 3, 1367), a Pyrrhic Victory for the Black Prince
The referendum held in Turkey on April 16 to replace the parliamentary form of government with a presidential one, led to a 'yes' vote for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan but it was termed as a pyrrhic victory.
The ex-editor in chief of Cumhuriyet newspaper, Can Dundar, told a German paper that the referendum result would be a Pyrrhic victory that signalled "the beginning of the end of the Erdogan era.
NASDAQ: EEFT), and has entered into a confidentiality agreement with Euronet, this US clearance may seem a pyrrhic victory for Ant.
In particular, the book argues that the overthrow of Mobutu proved a Pyrrhic victory because the protagonists ignored the philosophy of Julius Nyerere, the father of Africa's liberation movements: they put the gun before the unglamorous but essential task of building political institutions.
THE Court of Appeal's decision in the case over which category of member should be allowed to vote in Labour's leadership election is a Pyrrhic victory for the party officials involved.
The historic Battle of Chosin Reservoir, also known as the Chosin Reservoir Campaign, turned the UN invasion into a retreat, but it was a Pyrrhic victory.
The Pyrrhic victory was secured by making 50 percent of the nation hate the other 50 percent.
Democrats argue that means Graham's move amounts to a pyrrhic victory on defense spending.
The implied threat that Ladbrokes - and other bookmakers - would promote other sports over racing unless it becomes more commercially viable one of which the BHA is keenly aware, with the danger of a pyrrhic victory if the levy is replaced with a racing right that hits the industry too hard.
Then it becomes a war of attrition or a pyrrhic victory -- you've managed to keep the refinery alive but you're just lowering your ability to raise revenues.
Ronaldo scored the winner in a pyrrhic victory for what the world player of the year has accurately described as "probably just an average team.