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If you hire a pyrotechnician, they generally include their own liability insurance as part of their fees.
A pyrotechnician was setting up a show for the National Fireworks Championships in Plymouth, and having left his iPhone 3GS within the "blast zone", it was nowhere to be found when he returned post-show, having been fired 3,000 feet into the air before exploding in a stunning display.
He's the chief pyrotechnician for the Second Armored In Europe unit, which this weekend is taking part in a spectacular show called Festival of History.
The 39-year-old from Great Barr is the chief pyrotechnician for the Second Armored In Europe unit, which next weekend takes part in the explosive Festival of History, re-enacting an epic Second World War battle.
7, 1883, by Jinta Hirayama (1840-1900), who was a pyrotechnician from Yokohama and the first Japanese to receive an American patent for his invention called ''Daylight Fireworks,'' the official said.
(6) At left, pyrotechnician Alex Molnar of Grafton patiently awaits the evening hours Saturday at the annual chicken barbecue.
While attending a celebration for the completion of the first trans-Atlantic cable in 1858, she witnessed a fireworks display and decided to employ a pyrotechnician to help in her laboratory.
The pic's first half also conveys Jose's decade-long infatuation with the beautiful Maria (Ximena Romo), the daughter of a traveling pyrotechnician. Of course, Maria's family deems Jeronimo, not poor farmhand Jose, a more suitable suitor.
IT takes a couple of years to train as a pyrotechnician, then you can go out as an assistant to a major show, earning a salary of around pounds 20,000.
For example, in our culture, doctor or carpenter are more likely to be more prototypical within the category profession than astronaut or pyrotechnician (Cuenca & Hilferty, 1999; Fernandez Jaen, 2007).
pyrotechnician or a full time inventor of kitchen equipment," two
Another verbal pyrotechnician, even more dazzling than the Minfaut with whom Marot scholars are familiar -- it seems the name is Nicolas de Senynguehen [43] -- also composed a rondeau on this theme.
It is possible that the pyrotechnical effects of Strange's Men were simply the reflection of an older kind of theatre focused on spectacle or that they were the coincidental result of the company's having a pyrotechnician among its personnel.
He gives the example of a young dancer, a South American pyrotechnician who came to him to be coached in the role of Sleeping Beauty's Aurora.