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generation of an electric charge on certain crystals (such as tourmaline) as a result of a change in temperature

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The tension with which the actuator acts is due to the pyroelectric effect (by increasing the temperature of the actuator itself) and the amplified voltage from the controller.
Heat can be converted to electricity using something called the pyroelectric effect, first described by the Greek philosopher Theophrastus in 314 B.C., when he noticed the gemstone tourmaline produced static electricity and attracted bits of straw on being heated.
Kay, "Pyroelectric effect and possible ferroelectric transition of helimagnetic," Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, vol.
Pyroelectric effect converts thermal energy into the electrical current or voltage [16].
A number of inverse reconstructions was made against a basis set that was computed for a more complete model of the pyroelectric effect response (31), including possible interface effects between the sample and the detector.