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a toxic colorless flammable liquid organic base with a disagreeable odor

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Keywords: Antimicrobial activity, Disperse dyes, Substituted pyridines, Gram positive and Gram negative Clinical isolates.
Content of basic nitrogen compounds in the concentrated product 1 Nitrogen compound wt% Nitrogen compound wt% Pyridines 16.53 Naphthalenamine 0.16 Quinolines 25.33 Amides 3.14 Anilines 25.86 Acridine 0.10 Isoquinolinol 1.52 Carbazole 0.73 Indoles 1.33 -- -- Note: "--" represents no data.
Joule, "Six-membered ring systems: pyridines and benzo derivatives," Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry, vol.
Then, pyridine was dropped to dissolve, and the solution continued to reflux for 2 h.
General Procedure for Preparation of Steroidal Diazanyl Pyridine. A mixture of steroidal ketone (1 mmol) and diazanyl pyridine (1 mmol) in 95% ethanol (30 mL) was stirred at 70-80[degrees]C for 6h.
Pyridine is primarily used as a raw material for the synthesis of agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.
In the last few years, there has been an increasing interest in the field of synthesis and investigation of pyridine aminophosphonic acids because of their potential and significant antitumor properties [2, 3].
Preparation of Adducts of Bis(O-ethyldithiocarbonato)copper(II) with Substituted Pyridines. The yellow coloured parent compound copper(II)xanthate could not be isolated because it changed rapidly into brown coloured copper(I)xanthate.
Crews, Niphatynes, methoxylamine pyridines from the marine sponge, Niphates sp., Tetrahedron Letters., 28, 2467 (1987).
Some reports have observed that the direct oxidative procedure was very efficient for the preparation of Hantzsch pyridines under microwave-assisted condition or solvent-free condition [11-13].
Pyridines are common but vital heterocyclic compounds in organic synthesis, especially as agrochemicals and synthetic intermediates.
For [N.sub.1] class it can be observed that with increasing heating rate the relative abundance of species with DBE = 4 (pyridines) undergoes an obvious decrease while that of species with DBE from 5 to 11 experiences a slight decrease.
Patel, Synthesis and Antidiabetic Activity of 2, 5-disubstituted-3-imidazol-2-yl-pyrrolo [2, 3-b] pyridines and thieno [2, 3-b] pyridines, Bioorg.
Lee, Synthesis of 2,6-diarylsubstituted pyridines and their antitumor activities, Euro.