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a borosilicate glass with a low coefficient of expansion

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On the same Saturday that a woman in New Jersey was making Pyrex history, I watched on Netflix a 2013 Australian documentary called "Red Obsession." It's already a bit dated--Google "China wine bubble"--but it is still a fascinating look at the effect China's developing interest in grape wines has had on the traditional winemakers in France.
Get it FREE with a minimum purchase worth R2,500 of CORELLE, CORNINGWARE, PYREX and VISIONS products at SM Dept.
Regions made in this analysis are shown in figure 6, where ,,H again shows the heterogeneity and can be either water box or Pyrex rod.
Additionally, the channel selector device should be made of Pyrex glass rather than silicone because of the small thermal conductivity of Pyrex glass.
"The heat sink has about twice the heat capacity of the Pyrex blank, but its surface area is 14 times greater than one side of the blank," Jim notes.
To her, Pyrex is intriguing for the "weightlessness that it has over other types of glass, as it can be blown so thin but still retain its strength" and "the connotations this glass has with science and everyday housewares." She attributes her laminate obsession to "its ability to have both high- and low-brow connotations."
The former Pyrex and Corning glass factories, next to each other to the west of the city centre, have lain derelict as monuments to the demise of Sunderland's once great glass industry.
It can even be used on the top of a stove unlike Pyrex.
Arc International has a portfolio of tableware brands such as Pyrex and Chef & Sommerlier in more than 160 countries.
Users can utilize Pyrex or quartz vials with easy-to-use, disposable, snap-on caps.
Stella Sparks (Sparks Star), 2008, and Stella Pyrex (Pyrex Star), 2009, both large-scale and suspended from above, stand out in the space of the central hall.
Maille, France's leading mustard producer, and bakeware specialist Pyrex have joined forces to offer a little help for Daily Post (Wales) readers to get the perfect summer eating experience underway.
Brands include Farberware, KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Corningware, Oster, Braun Tassimo, Hamilton Beach, Corelle, Silverstone and Pyrex.
In the HousePyrex Expands Again Pyrex[R], which recently introduced a new collection of metal bakeware, has expanded its offerings for the kitchen once again with the debut of Pyrex Kitchenware, a collection of premium measuring devices and utensils.
World Kitchen and its affiliates manufacture and market bakeware, dinnerware, kitchen and household tools, rangetop cookware and cutlery products sold under many nationally recognized brands including Corning Ware, Pyrex and Corelle.