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Palabras clave: Tagosodes orizicolus, simbiontes semejantes a levaduras, DNAr 18S, relacion genetica, Pyrenomycetes, saltahojas del arroz.
These comparisons revealed that delphacid YLS area highly conserved monophyletic group within the Pyrenomycetes and are closely related to Hypomyces chrysospermus.
A revision of the classification of the Ascomycetes with special emphasis on the Pyrenomycetes.
Members of the microascaceae, is reported in previous studies of this family pyrenomycetes [5] are considered to be saprobic and they are found predominately on dung.
bartlettii, is described, which has certain characteristics of the microascaceae pyrenomycete with two germ pores.
Pyrenomycetes Xylariales Xylariaceae * Daldinia concentrica (Bolton) Ces.
Macroscopic and microscopics analysischaracters of the fungus that grew in moist chambers identified eight (8) genera and nineteen (19) species of the Pyrenomycetes class Division Ascomycota, such as: Sporormiella minima, S.
Pemigia conostoma y Penzigia enteroleuca (Ascomycetes, Pyrenomycetes, Sphaeriales) en Mexico.