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canescens is restricted to species of Pyralidae such as E.
Homoptera, Cicadellidae High 2 Thrips trehernei Thysanoptera, Thripidae Low 1 Chirothrips manicatus Thysanoptera, Thripidae Low 1 Pyralis farinalis Lepidoptera, Pyralidae Low 2-4 (larvae) Autographa gamma Lepidoptera, Noctuidae Low 2-4 (larvae)
A11, A17, B4, D2 Family Polycentropodidae Cernotina spicata Ross: A17, D9 Neureclipsis crepuscularis (Walker): A4, A9 Family Rhyacophilidae Rhyacophila lobifera Betten: D2 Order Lepidoptera (1 family) Family Pyralidae Crambus spp.
larva/pupa wingless concealed Noctuidae adult winged exposed Pyralidae Chilo spp.