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Similar assumptions were made for the other types of com- puter equipment.
Tenders are invited for Isi Marked Pvc Puter Sheathed Fr Of Type St-2 Cable Fr Grade C1 Category Armoured With Aluminum Conductor Having Insulation Of Pvc Compound Type-C,Suitablr For Rated Voltage At 1100 Volts Grade And Conforming To Is:1554 Part-1 /1988 Reaffirmed 2005 .
The American Tourister range includes uprights, suitcases, briefA[degrees] cases, backpacks, duffle bags, comA[degrees] puter bags and travel accessories.
She said: "We went to the post office and were told there was no record on the com puter of the transaction.
Google is applying the same machine-driven techniques it uses to help consumers search the web for text, images, video and books to help professional programmers as well as com puter enthusiasts overcome stumbling blocks to writing code.
iPod's new Search and Quick Scroll feature makes it even easier for music fans to find exactly what they are looking for and Apple's patent pending Auto-Sync technology automatically downloads digital music, podcasts, photos, audiobooks, movies, music videos and popular TV shows onto the iPod and keeps them up-to-date whenever the iPod is plugged into a Mac(R) or Windows com- puter.
Mr Atkins told the jury of 11 women and one man: "Hession used his posi tion as a police office to obtain infor mation from the Police National Com puter for his own use which, quite simply, is not allowed.
They also recovered a com- puter, which had been stolen from a separate address, at Warren Mangan's home.
These facilities typically feature interactive play elements located on a concrete slab or splash pad, either with/without standing water, and can be manipulated by children or a programmab le com puter, and are monitored with automatic controls .
We have an awareness event at a mall this weekend so we have been preparing and coA[degrees]ordiA[degrees] nating for that," said Ismail al Rumaim who together with Zaki al Habsi and Asma al Amri, all comA[degrees] puter engineers, handle the techA[degrees] nical aspects for the group apart from being engaged in other activities.
It is like buying a top-of-the-range com puter to write a letter, with the majority of its computing prowess lying dormant and going to waste.
A hundred years ago, Stephen Puter wrote an expose of how a large timber company acquired large blocks of western Oregon forest land through fraudulent homesteading.
The revolutionary kit, designed by com- puter games experts, owes more to PlayStation than battle stations.
QUAPINFO - Increase the attractiveness and quality of education at the macro-field of Applied puter Science of Materials" at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University in the framework of the Operational Programme Human Capital.