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a member of the mountain people living in the eastern regions of Afghanistan

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This not only alienated the Taliban but the majority Pushtun population which continues to harbor serious misgivings about the Tajiks due to their harsh experience during ten years of the Afghan civil war.
Pakistan's main aim during this period was to prevent Afghanistan's support to Pushtun and Baluch nationalists thus halting Pushtun demand of Pushtunistan into a full-fledged movement of freedom.
This boundary made the Pushtun tribes a pawn between the Amir of Afghanistan and British India.
Even the present day Pushtun don't know for what are they fighting.
Just as hostages don't move around outside so that spy cameras can observe them, so too in gender-segregated Pushtun society, women are often immured at home and so the CIA or US military who are running the drones do not know if they are in the sights.
From 1747 to 1973 all of Afghanistan's Kings came from two Pushtun Zirak Durrani tribes Popalzai and Barakzai.
In the neighbouring Helmond province with predominantly Pushtun population ECC office has separated votes from 13 polling sites for further investigation.
Safi the time was not yet ripe for the coup as lot of work was required to be done in the remote areas of Afghanistan and the people of these areas were left with many doubts about the socialist form of government especially the Pushtun of the south-west had many reservation and were calling us atheist and infidels.
The hostage-taking came about just days before Pakistani Taliban forces, operating in the Pushtun area of Pakistan to the east of Baluchestan, announced they had murdered 23 Pakistani troops taken captive in 2010 in revenge for what the Taliban called "extra-judicial killing of its detained activists.
He suggested that Sindh-1 would be for Sindhi speaking residents and Sindh-2 would be for the other communities including Urdu, Punjabi, Pushtun, Balochis, Saraiki and other communities to ensure equal rights and development.
Keywords: Pushtun, Pushtunistan, Durand Line, Pak-Afghan relations
It is also noted that Taliban punishments are the result of a harsh element of Pushtun culture.
Islamabad, Jumada II 17, 1434, Apr 27, 2013, SPA - At least 11 people were killed Friday in an attack on an election rally of the Pushtun ethnic Awami National Party (ANP) in the Mominabad area of Pakistan's southern port city of Karachi ahead of May 11 elections, media reported.
The Abdali missile is named after an 18th century Pushtun commander who invaded India.
02 four Pushtun boys were caught desecrating an Alam which had been fixed on a mountain top in Quetta behind the densely Shia-Hazara population of Mehrabad.