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an Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan and Pakistan

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There is also the possibility that, not only will Canada and its allies eventually lose the war there due to domestic war weariness and attrition, but the Taliban will come out of it with a battle tested semi-professional army that could swallow the Pushtu speaking areas of Pakistan, further destabilizing an already shaky nuclear power.
In the two subsequent class periods, Hamida continued to tell her story to students who understood Pushtu.
Among all the languages spoken in Afghanistan, Pushtu (the language of the previously ruling group) spoken by 35% and Dari (a form of Persian) spoken by at least 50% are the most common.
Indigenous Europeans, in short, in a few compressed years have had to confront in their midst people speaking among themselves Bengali, Urdu, Seraike, Pushtu, Gujerati, Turkish, and many other languages, further set apart by clothing, food, and cultural and social habits, and finally by faith as asserted through the mosques so visible in the landscape and so different in architecture to their settings.
He told me he was a Pathan by parentage, and that led us into a long discussion on the ancient links between Welsh and the Pushtu language of his childhood, reminding us both that we were common citizens of the same tiny world.
These include but are not limited to Arabic, Farsi, Pushtu, Dari, Azerbaijani, Punjabi, Sindhi, Siarki, Urdu, Kurdish, Baluchi, Turkish, and Bahasa Indonesia.
If it means everyone who lives within the borders of the country, then let's hope the national theatre's include work embracing the cultures of Urdu, Bengali, Somali, Arabic, Gujerati, Chinese, Hindi, Pushtu and Punjabi, all official languages of Cardiff.
However, Wardak was unable to garner support among the Pushtun tribes, restore order or revamp the security structure, and Karzai was compelled to appoint another Pushtun as Minister of the Interior, Ali A Jalali, formerly chief of the Pushtu Service of the Voice of America.