Purus River

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a Brazilian river

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Based on a map of level fourth basins from the Plano Nacional de Recursos Hidricos (2003), of the 22 streams sampled belonging to five drainage basins (Figure 1), 11 belonged to basin code 4923 (herein referred to as basin 1), which was the only draining into the Purus River, two to 4724 (basin 2), two to 4722 (basin 3), three to 4727 (basin 4), and four to 4726 (basin 5).
The total of 1,067 species included 42 from the Juruena River, Tapajos River basin; ten from the Ipixuna River, Purus River basin, and seven species from the Paranapanema River.
In this investigation, we assessed the richness and composition of macrophyte assemblages in four lakes associated with the Purus River (State of Amazonas, Brazil).
Hatchlings of freshwater turtles were collected from the nests before emergence in the sand banks of the Purus River in the Abufari Biological Reserve (Central Amazon--05[degrees] 24' S and 62[degrees] 57' W).
The Acre river begins in Peru near the Brazilian border, in altitudes of about 300 m, has an extension of approximately 1,200 km and drains into the Purus river in the city of Boca do Acre (State of Amazonas) (Figure 1).