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the beliefs and practices characteristic of Puritans (most of whom were Calvinists who wished to purify the Church of England of its Catholic aspects)

strictness and austerity in conduct and religion

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In the son, individualist by temperament, once the science of colleges had replaced thoroughly the faith of conventicles, this moral attitude translated itself into a frenzied puritanism of ambition.
Remember to what a point your Puritanism in England has brought you.
IN RESPONSE to Tom Kerr's comment (July 19) on the "puritanism" that is faced by the industry, I wanted to share some thoughts on the opinions given.
He throws out phrases such as "the hyper-strenuous religious ideology of Puritanism," (125) and "Puritanism and its propensity for intolerance" (131) which suggests little awareness of the extensive reevaluation of the nature of Puritanism that is suggested in but not limited to works on English Puritanism by Patrick Collinson and Petr Lake, and on American Puritanism by Michael Winship.
Discussion ranges from the impact of Puritanism to gendered violence, American exceptionalism, and social change and social character.
Leise emphasizes that early Puritanism contained a great deal of heterogeneity, later flattened by politicians like Theodore Roosevelt and scholars like Perry Miller.
The women intellectuals, artists and businesswomen warned that the global backlash against high profile incidents of sexual harassment could be going too far, risking a slide into "new puritanism.
She is one of 100 well-known French women who wrote an open letter, warning about a new 'puritanism' sparked by recent sexual harassment scandals.
Actress Catherine Deneuve and 99 other French women on Tuesday denounced a backlash against men following the Harvey Weinstein scandal, saying the #Metoo campaign against sexual harassment amounted to "puritanism" and was fuelled by a "hatred of men."
Although Cameron's discussion and description of black communities in Massachusetts in the Revolutionary period finds solid ground in the second half of the book, the first detracts from the second tenant of his argument that these black activists articulated Calvinism into their doctrines and ideologies, thus connecting them to seventeenth-century Puritanism. Cameron devotes an entire chapter to the role of Puritanism, often using words such as "Calvinist" and "Puritan" interchangeably.
The age of Milton is an era of extreme religious and political polarization, revolving around reforms in the English Church commonly known as Puritanism. It is a disturbing epoch questioning Christianity as a moral order, having serious political implications.
Max Weber demonstrated that Puritanism sprang from Calvinism, defending the unjust distribution of wealth, as ruled and represented by the hierarchy of the divine order.
IN his Examiner weekend column (March 28), Robert Sutcliffe seems to see Jeremy Clarkson as a victim of a 'new Puritanism',' the same attitude that he feels ensures, among other things, that people drive within the speed limit, express concerns about climate change, and oppose page 3 girls and mother-in-law jokes Maybe, the next time he arrives late at the Examiner office, misses a deadline or fails to secure an important interview the editor should subject him to a lengthy and public tirade of verbal abuse and then punch him in the face.
cites commentators who have observed that "Puritanism is in the spiritual DNA of American religion, of American national ethos" (4), and the United States "is a nation with the soul of a church" (9).
Stockton, and Henry Adams, Gilbert Sorrentino, Donald Barthrlme, Paul Auster, Flann O'Brien, puritanism in Thomas Pynchon, and several interpretations of James Joyce.