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(Judaism) a Jewish holy day commemorating their deliverance from massacre by Haman

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Local sources anticipated imposing great facilities to the break in, since the Purim synchronizes with the Israeli elections in 17 march.
The Purim Gift Baskets are the ideal way to show you care, and are available in: Tea & Chocolates, Sweets Baskets, Small Goodies Purim Basket, Purim Kids Gift Basket, Purim Chocolate Basket, Israeli Gift Baskets, Jams & Nuts Gift Basket, and the Hamentashen Purim Basket.
The 'Like a Virgin' singer holds an annual Purim party and has been following the teachings of the Kabbalah Centre since the early '90s.
What's wonderful and special in Israel is that Purim is a big public holiday, out on the street, complete with everyone walking the streets in costume - kind of like Hallowe'en, minus the scary and ghoulish part," Allison Kaplan Sommer wrote in the left-leaning Israeli daily Ha'aretz.
Since this holiday normally coincides with Purim, the Jews in Iran also follow the same tradition and give gifts to those who are younger on this occasion.
Purim and the Persian Empire: A Historical, Archaeological & Geographical Perspective
CDATA[ Jerusalem residents celebrated aShushan Purima on Monday, one day after Jews around the world ended their Purim festivities.
This is the festival of Purim and for those of us whose day-timers are not based on the lunar Jewish calendar, it takes place this year from sundown Feb.
American friends of Israel may soon have to decide whether we play along with Netanyahu's Purim shpiel (story) or support the administration's sober approach toward advancing peace with the Palestinians.
Years ago at Purim I pulled out my rabbinic robe, long-relegated to the closet, and donned a headdress of feathers, posing perhaps a bit irreverently, as a Native American.
The Jewish festival Purim celebrates the story of which woman in the Bible?
It is to her that the Jewish Festival of Purim is attributed.
Jews celebrate Purim by dressing up in costumes and reading the Book of Esther, which recounts a victory by the Jews over their enemies in ancient Persia.