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a constellation in the southern hemisphere between Vela and Canis Major that shaped like the stern of a boat

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Nova Puppis 1942 was big news in that December issue.
Despite these disconnects, communication scholarship potentially can have a positive impact on public debates and policy-making decisions (Just & Puppis, 2012; Napoli & Gillis, 2006; Pickard, 2015).
The original name for this constellation was Columba Noae or Noah's Dove, with the starry bird appearing to be flying just off the compass of Jason's ship, the combined constellations of Vela, Carina, Puppis and Pyxis.
1983), "The Spectrum of (zeta) Puppis and the Historical Evolution of Empirical Data," Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences 14: 123-145.
The white dwarf, known as V445 in the constellation of Puppis, feeds off a neighbouring star until it becomes so heavy it glows 250 times brighter than before, and burps debris into space at 19 million mph.
The constellations of Antila, Vela, Pyxis, Puppis, and Eridanus wind their way along the southern horizon.
The star,known as HD70642,can be found in the constellation Puppis, 90 light years away from Earth.
Arion) Protinus in medias ornatus desilit undas: Spargitur impulsa caerula puppis aqua.
Se han perdido, en estos dos campos, voces conservadas en las demas lenguas romanicas como ancora "ancla", nauis "nave", portus "puerto", ballaena "ballena", puppis "popa", uelum "vela".
Paul's ship drives ashore in almost exactly the same way as that in the Decameron: 'et cum incidessimus in locum bithalassum inpegerunt navem et prora quidem fixa manebat inmobilis puppis vero solvebatur a vi maris' (Acts 27.
te quoque Thessalicae, Nestor, rapit in freta puppis fama, Mycenaeis olim qui candida velis aequora nec stantes mirabere mille magistros.
Illic diuisas complorat navita puppis hic pastor miti peluit amne pecus .
400 nec semper credenda Ceres fallacibus arvis nec semper viridi concava puppis aquae, nec teneras semper tutum captare puellas: saepe dato melius tempore fiet idem.
Because the cloud, which lies in the southern constellation Puppis, extends some 20 arc-minutes across the sky, he chose large-formet photographic plates -- 25 centimeters to a side -- to make the images.