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one who operates puppets or marionettes

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The author of this volume is in the auspicious position of knowing the Sicilian puppet tradition as both a practitioner and a scholar: a member of one of the most illustrious families of puppeteers still practicing their art today, Alessandro Napoli pursued the study of literature and anthropology at the University of Palermo.
To pull off such illusions, Roberson says, he had to humbly learn for himself how the puppeteers do their thing, and then add his ideas to the characters they were working with.
Children can take part in the Puppeteers in Progress program, which aims to nurture and develop their puppeteering skills using day camps, workshops arid field trips.
The first few minutes are spent studying the mechanics of the puppet, trying to figure out how it is manipulated, examining its movements to see how "lifelike" they are, marveling at the dexterity of the puppeteer.
Accusations that "Sesame Street" puppeteer Kevin Clash had a sexual experience with an underage boy have movie audiences rethinking the Kevin Clash they got to know from the 2011 documentary about him.
Puppeteers mesmerize the children with folk tales, skits, national songs and regional dances to provide entertainment for children of various educational institutions at their schools and community centers.
The three full-time puppeteers were Victoria Yates, David Buckingham, and Sean Myat.
Original director Richard Jones and designer John Macfarlane bring this story to life not only with singers but with six puppets who are operated by five professional puppeteers.
THE CENTURIES-OLD argument between Punch and Judy was very much alive and kicking at the weekend, as puppeteers from across the UK gathered in Warwickshire.
HUDDERSFIELD puppeteers have received a 'highly commended' award in a national competition.
His performance is part of the Dynamics 07 International Puppet Festival, which includes puppeteers from the UK, Pakistan, Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey, Belgium and France.
Twist knew the music, which has become something of a standard for puppeteers, but had never seen it staged.
After presenting their personal didgeridoos, the puppeteers joked about their defeat in the Ashes and warned against the dangers of letting other people book your theatre tickets for you.
quickly realized that the puppeteers are as fascinating as the puppets.