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The medial aspect of the temporal lobe is forced downward over the tentorium, compressing the neighboring oculomotor nerve and resulting in ipsilateral pupillary dilatation, which is often followed by oculomotor ophthalmoplegia.
A further weakness of this explanation is the observed fact that the pupils of elderly subjects dilate promptly and fully following the instillation of mydriatic eye drops [23, 24] indicating an unimpaired range and velocity of pupillary dilatation.
We recently encountered a patient who developed severe hypertension and unilateral pupillary dilatation under general anaesthesia for nasal following topical application of phenylephrine.
Such studies have been largely inconclusive, however, because of the inconsistencies in the pupillary measurements and the lack of standard definitions for pupillary dilatation, pathologic anisocoria (i.
4 mm diameter centered on optic disc was obtained after full pupillary dilatation, which was averaged by fast RNFL thickness 3.
Topical phenylephrine solutions are widely used in ophthalmic surgery, both for capillary vasoconstriction and for pupillary dilatation.