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a long narrow strip of paper

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I recalled that barrel organs with punched tapes in my childhood worked on the same principle.
What began in 1984 as a major technological improvement to a sister plant's manufacturing process - the ability to download programs to shop floor NC machines via disk instead of punched tape - had evolved by 1991 into a carefully orchestrated plan to implement lead-ing-edge hardware and software into a plant-wide factory information network in real time.
Control codes were downloaded via paper or Mylar punched tape.
Today, punched tape still serves, but powerful microprocessors streamline operation and allow easy manual data input (MDI) or programming right at the machine tool, if desired.
Stage 4 enables the tool-preset machine and tool-presetting software to work together and produce a punched tape with tool offsets for any style of machine tool.
To prepare the tool-path data for conversion from its graphics format into punched tape, the operator activates the correct system function buttons and transfers the data base to an intermediate APT-like file where it can again be edited before being input to a special, generic postprocessor.