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a card on which data can be recorded in the form of punched holes

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Roger Gudobba began looking for ways to convert paper-intensive processes into electronic form back in the days of computer punchcards.
When I graduated from the University of Evansville, Indiana, in 1995, I was the first student to write code in Visual Basic[R], and my class was the first class to graduate never having used punchcards to program a mainframe," Meyers recalls.
The act allocated $470,000 to Lane County toward the purchase of a $540,000 optical scan ballot system to replace the chad-producing punchcard ballots.
Still, the use of punchcards is generally seen as more difficult for voters.
Not only is there a nasty virus expected on that date, but 9/9/99 has a mystical significance to programers - they used nines to mean shutdown, a holdover from the days of punchcards which was never sorted.
If they weren't uncontrollably spewing out reams of punchcards to the dismay of frantic office workers, they were likely to be displaying an independent and malevolent bent toward sabotaging the affairs of unsuspecting, helpless humans.
America has cast its votes (no punchcards allowed this time) and the "Phrases of 2000 That Make Americans Want to Crunch Something" have been determined.
In addition, eSlate absentee ballots are easier to read and mark than punchcards and cannot be counted more than once.
This suggests that Lane County reduced its error rate by 94 percent by switching to optical scanners from punchcards.
Once the machine count is completed, a hand recount of "rejected" punchcards will be conducted by AmeriCounsel.
The IT processes used to manage the development and maintenance of business applications have evolved from the days of programming punchcards," said Ian Hayes, principal Clarity Consulting, a Boston-based consulting firm that works with IT organizations to enhance their productivity.
Get the ink right, and the new voting system - which replaces the much-maligned punchcards that called the entire 2000 U.
Even worse damage could result if punchcards and other forms of voting are replaced with ATM-style touchscreen machines whose tabulations can't be checked.
I realize punchcards can be confusing for some voters, but it really does work well for those of us on the 'back side' of the process," she said.