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a card on which data can be recorded in the form of punched holes

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All votes--be they from touch-screen machines, written fill-in-the-bubble forms of the standardized testing variety, or punchcard ballots that were so controversial four years ago--are eventually sent to a central computer for tallying.
Despite the bad reputation that the punchcard received in the 2000 election, the answer to the question is far from clear.
Instead of "checking in," Punchcard works at the "checkout" giving users rewards for frequenting their favorite businesses and replaces the stacks of individual loyalty cards people have been expected to carry in their wallet and have available at the time of purchase.
25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- SessionM, powering the loyalty program used by hundreds of leading mobile apps, today announced a partnership with Punchcard, a shopping app that rewards consumers for completing in-store purchases at over 15 million locations including every restaurant, retailer, grocery store and gas station nationwide.
Voters complained about inaccuracies with new-fangled electronic machines in counties that voted overwhelmingly Democratic, and they groused about old-fashioned punchcard problems in GOP strongholds.
A computer-aided design system, an "electronic Jacquard", looked perfectly natural once installed, a mechanical punchcard control that pre-determined weaving patterns.
Nothing on the NBA's official punchcard ballot allows fans to indicate motives, so the raw figures are left open to many interpretations.
The state is to spend pounds 22million on new polling machines and outlaw the punchcard and paper ballots blamed for thousands of uncounted votes which caused chaos in the recent election.
Soon the whole circus was being televised nationally, as election officials peered earnestly at punchcard after punchcard, and the c-word not only entered the American vocabulary but overwhelmed it.
Punchcard, a mobile engagement and loyalty network, KDA Group, one of the largest local marketing agencies in the U.
Other notable finalists included dealflix, Vow to be Chic, GonnaBe, and fellow Pasadena company Punchcard.
The act allocated $470,000 to Lane County toward the purchase of a $540,000 optical scan ballot system to replace the chad-producing punchcard ballots.
If punchcard ballots are still to be used in California, the state Legislature needs to provide the details for the interpretation of those ballots in the event of a hand recount.
The Reform Party's Buchanan summed up the confusion facing the Palm Beach electorate from a punchcard voting form that was easy to misread.
NEW YORK -- Punchcard, a mobile engagement and loyalty network, announced today that the company has been selected to participate in "The Garage" at APPNATION, which is being held May 15-16 in conjunction with Internet Week New York.