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a card on which data can be recorded in the form of punched holes

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Punchcard is working with thousands of local businesses and, although the program is just weeks old, the results are very impressive so far.
Currently, five technologies are used--paper ballots, lever machines, punchcards, optical scan, and direct recording electronic (DRE) systems.
The old punchcard counters could read 1,000 ballots per minute, while the optical scan counters handle about 400, depending on the complexity of the ballot, Newingham said.
We are excited to partner with the Southern California Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Council to provide attendees of the LA Marathon Expo a fun way to use our app," said Punchcard CEO Andy Steuer.
65 billion over four years for replacing punchcard and lever machines and for making other election administration improvements, including meeting the requirements of the Act.
Punchcard will also be exhibiting in the Innovation Alley section of ad:tech San Francisco expo floor.
Lane County had the additional problem of needing more office space to accommodate the new system, because both the ballot-counting machines and the paper ballots themselves take up far more room than the old punchcard system.
3295 funds replacement of punchcard and lever systems.
can buy a large smoothie for the price of a medium, and any customer that turns in a competitor's punchcard with three or more punches receives a free smoothie.
Congressional passage of the Help America Vote Act of 2002 freed up millions of federal dollars for states to replace outdated - and because of the Florida "hanging chad" debacle in the 2000 presidential election, discredited - systems such as punchcard ballots with electronic voting machines or optical scanners.
As a result of the acquisition, Vote Power plans to launch a portfolio of electronic registration and voting solutions to replace outdated punchcard and mechanical voting systems as mandated by the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA).
Voting by punchcard soon will be a thing of the past in Lane County, but the big question remains: How soon?
Yakima County previously used a punchcard ballot system.
The new touch-screen voting machines, supposedly state-of-the-art equipment purchased to replace the discredited punchcard ballots that figured so prominently in 2000, didn't work in all precincts, either because they were improperly installed or because poll workers didn't know how to activate them.
The Rite Temp(R) TakeHome Bag is designed to drive repeat business especially when coupled with dollars-off coupons and punchcard promotions.