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the point of a joke or humorous story

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Men, on the other hand, tend to look forward to the punch line in the expectation of hearing something funny.
The new advertising campaign highlights a number of issues depicting useful, but often disregarded, facts on art management with tongue-in-cheek punch lines. Scheduled for appearance throughout the first half of 2001,the ads will be featured in major U.S.
I don't agree with all the particulars, and don't want to spoil his punch lines. But suffice it to say that his proposals put the tax system back where it belongs -- a far simpler system that doesn't stray too far from common sense, and takes us where we need to go in light of the demographic and fiscal policy challenges that lie ahead.
Spend most of the presentation time on main points and conclusions, i.e., on the "punch lines," rather than on the related fine points.
His clipped style delivers punch lines that are as funny as they are smart when they hit home.
Thus, jokes, since they have punch lines, contain information.
Herold's lowered-expectations approach to materials is typically augmented by titles that operate like punch lines, completing the objects' narrative setups.
As we document in "Rand-O-Rama," she casts a long shadow, not simply providing punch lines for South Park but infusing such recent movie hits as The Incredibles with what a Times reviewer called "a disdain for mediocrity." She is even getting newfound respect from academics.
The "Guests" have to play nice with people they might otherwise consider to be punch lines or risk having the door hit them on their way out.
MERSEYSIDE comic Stan Boardman blamed a bout of flu for fluffing a series of punch lines and walking off stage at a celebrity dinner Three hundred people attended the event at Glasgow's Thistle hotel in honour of snooker legend Dennis Taylor as part of his testimonial year.
FOR too long Tony Blair has played the nice guy as William Hague delivered below-the-belt punch lines.
Building the character layer by layer could happen only when all the basic things were in place--knowing the steps and really hearing the music in order to get the timing--this is where the punch lines come from."
Phrases and actions are limited to punch lines and punches and take place within an almost logarithmic rotation: The words "And father never returned!" for example, are repeated so noisily and so frequently that the audience comes close to shouting out loud along with the actors.
I am no prude and can appreciate the use of some swear words to deliver punch lines in some jokes, but I find the use of vile language greatly on the increase by both males and females,in particular, young people.
"Siegfried and Roy" is synonymous in popular culture with "splashy gay couple." They have inspired so many good-natured queer punch lines that Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Norm Clarke listed all the shows on the Strip that rushed to delete jokes about them in the days after the tiger attack.