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Synonyms for pumice

a light glass formed on the surface of some lavas


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rub with pumice, in order to clean or to smoothen

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in this case there is considerable demand for the building material which is scarce and critical in Alaska, and as it happens the removal of the pumicite will not permanently mar the scenic qualities because the pumicite is readily available on the beach, can be taken on a barge, and the rains, snow, ice, and other weathering obliterates almost overnight the effect of the removal.
53 (authorizing "the removal of deposits of siliceous volcanic ash, commonly known as pumicite, from such areas as [the Secretary of Interior] may designate along the shores of Selikof Strait in Katmai National Monument, Alaska").
The Pumice and Pumicite Market Review is an absolutely essential resource for anyone interested in detailed information on the reviewed market.
The report represents a thorough study of Pumice and Pumicite, covering both global and regional markets.
Although mining of pumice may be made by a claim, it is normally granted by competitive bidding (contract sale) unless the pumicite is determined to be of "an uncommon variety," in which case it is locatable.
LONDON -- The world market for pumice and pumicite is constantly filled up with supply as the materials are extensive and are produced on a sustainable level.
com/research/b30a41/pumice_and_pumicit) has announced the addition of Merchant Research and Consulting Ltd's "Pumice and Pumicite Market Review 2011" report to their offering.
LONDON -- Global resources for pumice and pumicite are extensive, Turkey and Italy being the key producers of the material in the world.
LONDON -- Pumice and Pumicite Market Review has been recently added by Market Publishers Ltd.