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Synonyms for pull up

come to a halt after driving somewhere

straighten oneself

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cause (a vehicle) to stop

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This lemma can be used to allow some predicate pullup to happen during join enumeration.
He then turned off his computer and came around his desk to sit with me in the guest pullup chairs.
It was a matter of stepping up," said Virgen, who had a team-high 21 points with a series of slashing drives and pullup jumpers.
WORCESTER - Main South senior Aretha Sullivan ripped a rebound down in traffic, raced past two defenders, pulled up 15 feet from the basket and calmly buried a pullup jumper.
Foye punctuated the night with a monstrous breakaway dunk just before the buzzer, and the youngster hung on the rim and did a pullup as he was mobbed by his teammates.
Product lines include the Perfect Pushup, Perfect Pullup, Perfect Situp and nutrition products available online and at retail stores in the U.
The reset output is available as open-drain (AS1923A) or 10uA Current Source Pullup (AS1923B).
They erected a pullup rig, inserted J-hooks to hang a bar and added gymnastics rings to a higher section.
He followed that up with two free throws, then a pullup jumper, then a right-handed dunk on the fast break, then a 3-pointer as the Lakers blew open the game 96-64.
They also integrate the termination and pullup resistors required by the USB specification.
The INPUT section can be programmed for: Type: regular CMOS/LVTTL or Schmitt Inversion: non-inverting or inverting The OUTPUT section can be programmed for: Keeper: pullup, pulldown, or keeper Drive: 2 to 24 mA in 9 steps Slew: normal or slow The SUPPLY section can be programmed for: GND: Ground to core and input IO section VDD: Power (1.
Meissner, who finished with 18 points and shot 7 of 12 from the field compared to 5 for 24 for the rest of her team, brought Breese as close as 29-26 with a pullup jumper.