Pulicaria dysenterica

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hairy perennial Eurasian herb with yellow daisylike flowers reputed to destroy or drive away fleas

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eximium (oligolectic) harvests pollen from the flat, disk-shaped flower heads of Pulicaria dysenterica by rapidly seesawing its metasomal scopa against the flowers.
hordeaceus 2m, Limonium sinuatum +in 13; Juncus inflexus 1 in 15; Hordeum geniculatum 3, Juncus hybridus 1, Monerma cylindrica and Pulicaria dysenterica r in 16; Juncus articulatus 1 in 17.
Reit yn ymyl llysiau'r milwr coch, ac yn creu gwrthgyferbyniad hyfryd roedd y cedowydd, Pulicaria dysenterica, y 'common fleabane' yn Saesneg.
major, Poa pratensis, Polypogon viridis, Potentilla reptans, Prunella hyssopifolia, Prunella laciniata, Prunella vulgaris, Pulicaria dysenterica, Ranunculus bulbosus subsp.