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Synonyms for Puck

a mischievous sprite of English folklore

a vulcanized rubber disk 3 inches in diameter that is used instead of a ball in ice hockey


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The 6-foot-4, 198-pound Dach also impressed defensively by stripping a puck on a breakaway attempt while skating 3-on-3.
From the face-off, the puck was drawn back to Tigers' Grant Reekie on the point and he smashed a slap shot through a crowd of players to win the game 6-5 with just 17 seconds remaining on the clock.
"When you try to time and place a puck by hand, you had better land it.
"If the puck was still in play and gone, the historic puck would be gone forever," Hyun told Yonhap News Agency.
Lady in Waiting to the Queen Puck Caoilinn Foley, 13, participates in accompanying the goat during a parade on the first day of Puck Fair which begins with a horse market and the crowning of a goat as King for three days in Killorglin
There is no better way to end this generous meal than with Wolfgang Puck's mouth-watering soft banana cream pie or his creamy chocolate brownie topped with homemade ice cream prepared in the pastry kitchen.
He sent the puck to the goalie but it was sent back to him by the goalie who had blocked it.
Blackburn scored against the run of play when Patrik Nyman collected a loose puck at centre ice and set up Aaron Davies for the one-timer.
"Most manufacturers conveniently gloss over the difficulties of programming their hardware, and other beacons are provided without software or left crippled by their boring factory-installed firmware," said Gordon Williams, the U.K.-based Puck.js creator.
Puck spoke to members of the media and real estate industry Nov.
There was a feeling of doom around the Skydome which increased when Kris Beech snapped on a loose puck after the Giants moved it around the zone.
MICHELIN-starred chef and TV personality Wolfgang Puck served breakfast to Bahrain's media yesterday morning at the newly opened Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay.
Even if he can't see the puck for large portions of the game.
With time winding down in the third period and game tied at 2-2, Northbridge defenseman Jesse Averka carried the puck into the offensive zone and directed the puck in net.
But Wolfgang Puck and his army of chefs have become a well-truffle-oiled machine in the 20-plus years he's catered the Governors Ball.