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Believe it or not, the Department of Water and Power - the publicly owned utility responsible for $8 billion in mostly bad debt, much of it due to gross overstaffing - has given everyone $100 toward the purchase price of the ultra-low-flush toilets.
Every employee and board member fully appreciates that we are a publicly owned utility.
A publicly owned utility in the Pacific Northwest, Grant PUD serves 44,000 retail electric customers, generating over 80% of electricity from hydropower, and nearly 4,400 fiber optic network subscribers.
What city resident would ever imagine that a publicly owned utility with a built-in monopoly that was raking in the dough would suffer financial troubles that are only the tip of the iceberg?
A publicly owned utility shouldn't keep the public in the dark.
Autodesk Helps Arizona's Largest Publicly Owned Utility Integrate Design-Build-Operate-Maintain Processes and Increase Productivity
Consolidated Edison (Con Edison) is a publicly owned utility holding company, engaged in providing energy related products and services, primarily through its regulated and unregulated utility subsidiaries.
The publicly owned utility says that the public can't see the contract.
SMUD is the sixth largest publicly owned utility in the US in terms of customers served, and as a company has achieved global recognition for its innovative energy initiatives, in particular its tree-planting programs designed to reduce household energy spend on air conditioning through increased shade.
The sixth largest publicly owned utility in the country in terms of customers served, SMUD generates, transmits, and distributes electric power to 1,200,000 people and approximately 534,000 customers.
That includes EWEB, a publicly owned utility that prides itself on its reputation for progressive employment policies.