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the body of laws governing relations between nations

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She also represents clients in ad hoc arbitration and public international law.
Traditionally, public international law was deployed as a means to regulate relations between states, and to protect sovereignty (Sandvik, 2010: 5).
If private international law is alive and well, some would argue public international law is on life support.
law students studying public international law, competitors in international moot court competitions, and legal practitioners new to the area of public international law--on how to research international law, while simultaneously providing a concise introduction to the substantive legal concepts underlying the subject area.
The incremental advancement of public international law represents the efforts of lobbyists, international law scholars, legal professionals, and members of international legal organizations, a community that is often uniquely and expertly trained.
His work is supported by an Advisory Group of experts in the fields of Public International Law and Governance, including sub-fields such as rule of law and human rights.
A fluent speaker of Arabic, English and French, he is the author of numerous publications on matters of International Law, and led a distinguished academic career as a Professor of Public International Law at Cairo University.
Steptoe has leading practices in: international arbitration, international trade, public international law, complex litigation, intellectual property, energy and natural resources, antitrust, white-collar criminal defense, international regulation, and FCPA/anti-corruption.
Andreas Yiannaros, LLB Law (Hons), LLM Public International Law (University of London) Doctoral candidate in International Law University of Bedfordshire School of Law
The power distributor reminds in a media statement that it notified Bulgaria in March 2013 of its claims under international investment treaties in connection with breaches of public international law committed by the country.
de Frouville is Professor of Public Law at the University of Montpellier, where he teaches public international law, international human rights law, international criminal law and international economic law.
I don't think that's actually realistic," said Dapo Akande, a lecturer in public international law at Oxford University.
of public international law, which often differs from the common law.
Dr Al Neyadi issued a number of legal publications, notably, the Maritime Zones of the UAE and the Rules of International Treaties in Public International law.
Public international law constitutes the legal framework of the RToP.
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