pubic hair

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hair growing in the pubic area

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DOCUMENTARY The enlightening three-part series visits Edinburgh for its second episode, which is home to three lap-dancing bars in a neon-lit area notoriously known as the 'Pubic Triangle'.
The results have come as a pleasant surprise to management at the hotel - which is situated in the heart of an area known as the "pubic triangle" thanks to its three nearby strip clubs.
Bahrani 2001: 83, describes that ways that the pubic triangle is depicted in ancient Mesopotamian art, and notes that the central vertical incision on the pubic triangle indicates the separateness of the labia.
Breillat has a natural eye for catchy camera placement, whether it's a closeup of flies stuck on gooey flypaper or Jim dangling a long worm over Alice's spread-eagled vagina prior to sectioning the live creature with his nails, the better to array the still-squirming segments across Alice's pubic triangle. Any excuse to show a full-frontal vagina or penis is a good one in Breillat's book as Alice grows bolder in her bored plays for attention.
I had second thoughts about this during the performance itself; if I could have done it again, I would have put a codpiece on her hose as well to give her at least a pubic triangle. Yet this might only have exascerbated confusion on one particular point: as we later discovered, several audience members thought that the actor playing Eve was male, as would have been the case in a medieval production.
Baby Dolls - described as Diamond Dolls' "sister club" - is based in the capital's so-called pubic triangle, which is home to several strip bars.