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the lower part of the abdomen just above the external genital organs

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It cycles through Preeb and Pube's episodic adventures, punctuated by returns to Dr.
(8) Se encuentra en Tafaro la siguiente afirmacion: <<Puo dirsi che nel corso del Principato si arrivo a delineare una nozione confrontabile con il nostro concetto de capacita di agire: la quale era espressa dicendo che il ragazzo diveniva pubes o che la ragazza diventava viripotens>>, S.
It's right in the pubes now', and laughs about the time her elderly mum - who knew nothing about technology and had just got a phone for the first time - somehow managed to put the gory photo on social media.
To complement this growth and emphasize its origins, the new true men receive gifts jointly referred to as Afek's pubic hair, that is, if they have reached the stage of having acquired a beard, which is understood to have its origins in Afek's pubes. Then they can receive a drum (was), a smoking tube (suk sen), and a jaw's harp (tanam), three objects that can be understood as representing a woman's sexual organs: womb, vagina, and vulva, respectively (Eggertsson 2013b).
Postmortem damage to tarsals and metatarsals of both feet, as well as the right anterior maxilla into the maxillary sinus, superior pubes, and inferior sacrum may possibly be due to ant activity as well, but these are less distinguishable in appearance or are obscured by coalescence with undiagnostic erosive damage.
pubes expleta est [after the Thessalian youth was satisfied by gazing at
Also, science says we probably have armpit pubes because they trap sexy pheromone smells to attract us mates.
(Psst: If you decide to prune your pubes, see "Keeping things tidy.")
The combined ilium, ischium and pubis (IL extending from the iliac crests to the inferior border of the ischial tuberosities, including the acetabula and pubes)
There was one major health perk associated with getting rid of pubes.( The study formed those without body hair were less likely to get lice.
The seven iterations of her acerbic visual pun are composed of tiny, energetic marks, charcoal squiggles like pubes or spermatozoa that, from a distance, lend the giant phallic forms a sense of movement.
I'm just happy they didn't ask whether I shave my pubes or not, or who I am sleeping with, or why I like to go commando on weekends."
According to government of India report 2008-09, India is standing among top three nations in terms of production of various agricultural commodities like paddy, what pubes, ground nut rapeseeds, fruits, vegetables, sugarcane, tea, jute, cotton, tobacco , etc.